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Best Dusters for A Dust-Free Home

Woman Dusting Kitchen Shelves with a Microfiber DusterKeeping your Lake Oswego home dust-free can be a challenge. This is definitely true since many types of dusters move dust around instead of trapping and removing it. It does not just waste your time, but it wastes money, as well. If you want to dust effectively, it is necessary to get the right tools for the job. To ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money, take a deeper look at the best dusters you can purchase and the ones that perfectly suit your dustiest jobs.

Feather Dusters

Even though they might appear extraordinary, feather dusters are not only for the rich and fancy. Instead, they deliver a durable, all-purpose duster that can deal with most of your dustiest areas. However, it is best to choose the right kind. The only feathers that attract dust are ostrich down feathers. Ostrich down feathers are thick and soft and effectively capture dust. Even though they are not cheap, feather dusters made of different kinds of feathers or synthetic materials won’t work. After all, cheap feather dusters will flick dust around the room, where it will settle once again on your furniture moments later.

Wool Dusters

Another effective natural material similar to a duster is wool. Wool dusters attract and collect dust with static and natural lanolin in the fibers. Wool is also quite soft, which makes the perfect material for dusting delicate surfaces or those that scratch right away. Even though wool dusters are not as typical as other types of dusters and can be scarcely found in stores, they are widely available online.

Microfiber Dusters

One of the more affordable types of dusters that still work effectively is microfiber dusters. These dusters come in a range of sizes and styles, yet all of them accomplish the same task: removing dust. Microfiber is one of the best dusters because it has tiny filaments that rub together, creating static electricity. This static attracts dust, which leads to dust removal quick and easy. Microfiber is also washable and reusable, making it one of the most economically-friendly dusters around.

There are lots of different styles of microfiber dusters. Some are just simple hand dusters, with an easy-grip handle that lets you maneuver the duster into corners and across high shelves. Whereas some of them have extendable handles to helps you reach the tops of door frames and photo frames. One of the more creative styles of duster is one developed specifically for window blinds. Designed with three prongs, this microfiber duster slips between the slats and grabs dust on both sides with every swipe. Another inventive alternative is dusting mitt. It is made similar to an oven mitt, but with microfiber material, so you slip the mitt over your hand and wipe down your surfaces.

Disposable Dusters

One popular kind of duster is disposable dusting pads. These dusters are made of tiny polyester fibers and rely on static electricity to attract and remove dust. Both name brand and generic brand dusting pads work the same way and regularly come in either dusting kits with a reusable handle or packs of refill pads. Lots of consumers prefer these dusters because you can use them until they are visibly dirty and then throw the pad away.

Compressed Air

Lastly, if you decide to dust delicate electronic devices or small crevices, one of the best dusters you can use is compressed air. The compressed air comes in cans that you can spray directly onto the area to be dusted, allowing you to blow the dust out safely. Thereafter, follow up with one of the other types of dusters to remove anything that remains on the item’s surface.


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