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Tips for Creating A Cozy Fall Home

Child and Dog Sitting in Front of Fireplace in Cozy Living Room During FallAs soon as the weather starts to cool down, we usually begin to move a lot of our daily activities indoors. To enjoy the indoors, it is vital to create a place that feels inviting. Happily, it doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming to have a cozy fall home. By taking some helpful tips, you can make every room of your Tualatin house feel comfortable and inviting.

Cozy Décor

One of the best places to begin when creating a cozy fall home is with your décor. A small modification can have a big impact. Choosing the right fabric can deliver a sense of warmth and comfort to any living room or bedroom. For maximum coziness, consider adding a faux fur throw, some plush throw pillows, and soft layered linens to your bed or couch. An additional great place to add a touch of extra comfort is the floor. If you’re still using low-pile rugs on your floors, try switching to something a bit plusher. Soft, fluffy rugs can produce an extra layer of coziness to your feet and also to your home.

Add Warmth with Light

As the days grow shorter, it is the best time to begin adding some warmth to your home with lighting. By adding a few different light sources of the right kind, you can make your home feel snug and cozy. Candlelight is the best option for setting a mood. Yet, open flames can cause danger. If possible, opt for LED pillar candles, which deliver a warm light without the fire hazard. Another great option to soften the lighting and make a cozy fall home is to switch to light bulbs in warmer shades of white. White light bulbs include many shades, from bright arctic white to almost yellow. By changing to a warmer shade, you can make your home feel warmer each time you turn on the lights.

Get Cozy with Color

An additional simple suggestion to make your Tualatin home feel cozier is to switch up your color palette. In deep, rich shades from red to brown, autumn colors can bring a sense of warmth to couch covers, tablecloths, and bed coverings. Another best place to add a cozy feel is your windows and walls. For curtains, choose something in a warm shade to add depth to your home. Walls can also lend warmth and color by hanging some of your favorite photos or works of art in creative ways. Wood tones in frames and furniture will also contribute a bit of a comfortable look and feel to your place.

Invite Life In

Ultimately, you can make your home feel cozier by doing things that bring you a sense of pleasure and joy. Baking some of your favorite treats can add delicious smells and a comfortable feel to a warm kitchen. Brewing some hot drinks or playing board games at the table is also an excellent idea to create a cozy autumn home.


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